The Blockchain Alliance International (BAI) is a non-governmental organization that collaborates with NGOs, the private sector, academia, governments and multilateral institutions with the objective of rallying technological and informational support to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The forthcoming Blockchain Forum is an initiative by BAI and its partners to discuss the topic of innovative ICT technologies in support of the SDGs and to learn from innovators, scientists, and decision makers regarding development goals and challenges, results, and solutions in entrepreneurship, technology, and public policy; examine particular cases; share expertise, and leverage blockchain to transform the planet by 2030.

Originally designed for applications in digital currency, blockchain’s distributed ledger technology fosters transparency and accountability in the data that global businesses, governments, and humanitarian efforts rely on. Furthermore, the technology also reduces the costs and waiting time for transactions, which enables every investment in people and our planet to save lives, create economic opportunities, and preserve our environment.

Our need to track progress, improve transparency, and generate innovate solutions to achieve humanity’s greatest goals requires us to reliably collect, store, and transmit the data with which tell our story. The Blockchain Forum will provide direction at the intersection of social enterprise and technology in order to catalyze solutions for the planet’s shared challenges.

We are looking forward to your active participation and welcoming you to our event.
Alexandru Cujba
BAI Founder and Chairman
former Permanent Representative of Moldova to the UN

Blockchain in support of the UN SDGs

The Executive Perspective

The United Nations 2030 Agenda emphasizes the role that innovation plays in support of sustainable development. An important emerging innovation that has been in the news recently is blockchain / distributed ledger technology.

Originally, the primary use of blockchain technology was to store and track cryptocurrency transactions (e.g. Bitcoin). However, other uses and applications have emerged in recent years. Some of these can be employed to advance the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs, for example by reducing food waste (SDG 12.3), supporting sustainable production by ensuring that products or production inputs are sustainably sourced, encouraging companies to adopt sustainable practices and integrate sustainability information into their products, and ensuring consumers have relevant information for sustainable lifestyles (SDGs 12.6 and 12.7); and providing legal identities and financial services to refugees and the very poor (SDG 2).

Blockchain can be a powerful lever to bring together all the stakeholders involved in value chains and those regulating them: producers, intermediaries, the final consumers – and governments. But value chains are international, and the loops can only be closed in an efficient manner if stakeholders, including governments, cooperate and coordinate across borders.

Blockchain with SDGs

As blockchain has trust, openness and transparency built into its design, its benefits are wide-ranging and impact multiple SDGs.
No Poverty

Blockchain securitization is able to track where your donations are going

Zero Hunger

Blockchain may prove invaluable to finding solutions among the issues in food traceability

Good Health and Well-Being

Blockchain make less work for the rest of the insurers and the doctor's office.

Quality Education

Blockchain is revolutionizing education

Gender Equality

Blockchain reduces gender gaps existing in workforce

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Blockchain can be bridges between developing countries

Main Speakers

Prof. Jiaming Zhu

Director of the Committee of Technology and Academic Affairs at the Beijing-based Chinese Institute of Digital Assets; Founder of the YMS Future Studies dedicated to futurological research

Ms. Catherine Lee

COO, ChainDD Inc.

Mr. Jay Liang

Founding Vice Chairman, Taiwan Future Study Society, Executive Director, Southern California Mont Jade Science and Technology Association

Mr. Nico Buechel

CEO of Davox Technology AG, Switzerland

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The Blockchain Alliance International is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to bring together and converge the efforts of diverse stakeholders, entrepreneurs, private companies, academic institutions, governments and multilateral institutions for the purpose of using blockchain technology in the implementation, achievement, and monitoring of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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