BAI’s Response to COVID-19

Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, had a briefing on March 27th, 2020 to inform UN Member States on the organization’s response to COVID-19. Mr. Guterres mentioned that UN has taken significant steps since mid-March to reduce the number of personnel present in the building due to the progression of the pandemic in New York City. Most of the UN have been working remotely, non-essential travel has been discouraged, guided tours have been suspended and non-mandated meetings and events cancelled. Following the Executive Order by the Governor of New York last week, the UN has moved to full telecommuting. Nevertheless, the United Nations will continue working towards achieving its objectives in accordance with the agenda for the 74th session and strategic development plans of its programs and funds. Information and guidance on the outbreak of the coronavirus and the UN response to Covid-19 can be found on a special Coronavirus global health emergency webpage.

As a non-governmental organization with its main office in the New York City, Blockchain Alliance International will follow the directions of the City and State officials. BAI meetings, in-person conferences and events will be postponed until a further notice. Still, as an entity focused on technology developments, BAI will keep on with its on-line activities, strengthening and expanding its relationship with partners from the private sector and civil society.