BAI Presents at T-EDGE Blockchain Summit

BAI Executive President Alexandru Cujba was invited to the T-EDGE X Global Industrial Blockchain Summit organized by TMTPost and ChainDD in Beijing, China. Ambassador Cujba had a virtual participation, due to global travel restrictions, and sent a video message to the Summit. He referred to the use of the blockchain technology in support of the global digital economy in the post covid-19 era and highlighted the role of new and innovative technologies, in particular IT, AI, and blockchain technology. BAI President also mentioned that the international community is acutely aware that these innovations can steer things towards positive development and help countries revive their economies.

Ambassador Cujba congratulated the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) main net with the official registration in Daxing District of Beijing and Six Photon Digital Tech becoming an official service provider. He also invited Six Photon Digital Tech to join BAI partners and strengthen the technology partners network for sustainable development.