BAI Involved in 2022 Bitcoin Conference and Bitcoin Week

The 2022 Bitcoin Conference and Bitcoin Week took place in Miami, Florida on April 6-9, 2022. Organized by BTC Media, publisher of the trade-focused Bitcoin magazine, the event gathered a large number of investors, fintech industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers in the field of blockchain and digital currency.  

The four-day Conference included an Industry Day for speaker panels and conferences, as well as numerous side events. Participants had in-person access to thousands of global decision makers, were able to increase their brands’ visibilities, got important face time with innovators and investors, and celebrated one of the world’s fastest-growing technologies.

BAI Board Member Catherine Li attended the meeting and gained insights on blockchain technology and digital currency development from investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers in the relevant field. Ms. Li introduced BAI’s mission and goals, and encouraged industry leaders to become BAI partners to support the UN SDGs with their advanced blockchain technology applications.