BAI Attends the 5th China Summit Forum on Human Factors Engineering

BAI Attended the 5th China Summit Forum on Human Factors Engineering

On October 17-18, 2020, the BAI Executive Board Director Mr. Wang Guanghui attended the 5th China Summit Forum on Human Factors Engineering in Chongqing, China. The event, initiated by China’s National Lab of Human Factors Engineering and co-organized by scientific research institutes, business enterprises and associations, is a highly influential academic conference and a dialogue platform to engage scientific researchers with business enterprises for the use of innovation in human factors engineering and its application in the field of intelligent equipment, healthcare, smart city, and cybersecurity.

Mr. Wang addressed the conference participants and introduced the role that BAI plays in connecting researchers and innovators with businesses and government entities to spur collaboration and gain effective technological support to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  He emphasized that blockchain technology has potentially wide applications and could serve as a means of transforming the traditional business and humanitarian assistance models into trust-building mechanisms, efficient and time-saving solutions. 

Director Wang interacted with conference delegates representing technology and research companies and discussed their potential collaboration with BAI and its partners. A particular interest was expressed in the practical application of blockchain technology, its availability and use for social, economic, and development activities.    

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